Evenwhere these webs are still born ?

We offering you space (in other words banquet) for and your site with sight 24 o'clock, without outages plus no sweat…Servers are placed on fastest knot, with lasting sight plus reserve of dates. Reliable, without outages plus with perfect promotive. Behind annual fee from 900 CZK + VAT have you got independent support of all needed technical records, languages plus scripts (MySQL, PHP etc.). Since we're in Ostrava, prime demesne is our region, nevertheless hosting ensure for whosever in the world – our „at present furthermost" client is in Latvia.

Our object isn't have thousands clients, but rather a stint satisfied consumers that the will value partly rate of swelling, reliability plus largely access, what else at once so voracity :) On fulfilment changes don't wait few weeks (or and months...) - changes realize in orders o'clock, maximum several days. Thanks using personal technology, and servers in Ostrava abd Brno we're not dependent on connecting link, therefore all needs plus adjustment solve directly, with instantaneous response.

For your data or presentation is available space from sizes 1 GB of dates. To image, common service pages occupy roughly 200–500 kB, then 0,002 as far as 0,005 GB. Common user are not in no way dull in datal system function (traffic …), nevertheless we reserve the right to limit system function in the event that server will burden excessive removing (especially MP3, sex etc.). Matter of fact plus "in price" of all tarifs is support of all used records plus languages (PHP, MySQL, etc.), statisticians visit rate, monitoring servers plus reserve.

Interlock as well registration plus running of all in common use, and less common domain names. No matter what already Czech national domain CZ, and all other national domain (SK, PL, BE, HK etc.) or other accessible domain (EU, COM, NET, INFO, ORG, BIZ, TV, etc.)

Your site as well we can exactly model upon your needs. No matter what already simple webs, bigger product education session, exacting database or e- shop = only do you know best what are you in need of, we know how realize wishes :)


1GB (with no limits) = 900 CZK + VAT/year
2GB (with no limits) = 2.900 CZK + VAT/year
5GB (with no limits) = 4.900 CZK + VAT/year
more than 5GB by agreement...

We can satisfy any data requests, Everything is only about what YOU need...