Evenwe make you funny...

We provide many funny actions. Cultural's, sport's and music's parties, festivals and other, public or private. Propositon is big, from small firm party to big open-air festivals, anything is possible..

Technical equipment includes every possible variants, from small audio/video systems for family or firm parties, through solution for firm presentations or fashion show, to big concerts or open-air actions. We have professional audio, video & DJ equipment, light systems with programmable intelligent multifunction light or laser. With external partners can do really everything, including digital systems, LCD walls, record your party on profi video/audio media, including digital proffesional output for TV, radio and other media etc..

We mounting audio/video systems in firms, clubs, restaurants, private houses etc. Possibilities are for everybody. Small house with central audio/video system, cameras (with night vision too...) or sound/video distribution to floors, buildings in neighborhood, with central control, etc.