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Our World is based on computers & internet. We start our business since 1996. Through these years have many satisfied clients, and can help you too with pleasure.

Everything we do, do exactly for client's requests. No universal models, no compromises. That's just it our systems works fine, and clients sleep much better

Only one you never hear from us, are really frequent wodrs "IT WON'T DO" :-)

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Evenwhere can leave these bytes :)

We offering you space (in other words banquet) for and your site with sight 24 o'clock, without outages plus no sweat…Servers are placed on fastest knot, with lasting sight plus reserve of dates. Reliable, without outages plus with perfect promotive. Behind annual fee from 900 CZK + VAT have you got independent support of all needed technical records, languages plus scripts (MySQL, PHP etc.). Since we're in Ostrava, prime demesne is our region, nevertheless hosting ensure for whosever in the world – our „at present furthermost" client is in Latvia.

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